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The Native Society, an inspirational website where CEOs, founders and other industry leaders share their entrepreneurial spirit and positive experiences, recently conducted an interview with Greg Moran, CEO of OutMatch.

How did you get into the industry?

Isn’t the HR industry where every political science graduate ends up? Seriously, this is the field I grew up around. My father was (and remains) a career counselor, so discussions related to HR topics and issues were not uncommon around the dinner table. After college, with no experience, I was hired as a recruiter by a major international firm. A year later, thinking I could do the job better on my own, I invested the small savings my wife and I had to start my first company, Pinnacle Technology Solutions, which focused on recruiting for jobs in the tech industry.

The company grew, things were going great – and then, the dot-com bubble burst. I decided to sell the business, but I also made an important realization: what I enjoyed most about recruiting was the technology side, which at that point was a nascent field. With a new focus on HR technology, I launched and sold a second company, PeopleAnswers America, then started a third company,, which merged with Assess Systems to create OutMatch, where I currently serve as President and CEO.

Any emerging industry trends?

In the era of Big Data, the biggest trend centers squarely on analytics. In a short period of time, HR technology has undergone a rapid evolution. The initial focus was on the front end of the hiring process: building systems to drive candidates in and then manage the workflow of applicants. Today, the most meaningful trend is managing analytics in a way that gives measurement, insight, and impact to the talent selection process.

In addition to making good hires, organizations need to understand whether their hiring process is working, and if not, how to fix it. Then, it’s important to optimize HR to improve the bottom line, just as an organization would do with any other critical function, from sales to procurement to finance.

Read the full interview on The Native Society.

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