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New Jersey Based Restaurant Franchises

New Jersey Based Restaurant Franchises

Company Background: Headquartered in Allendale, NJ, this company focuses on growing restaurant franchises. It’s a regional powerhouse with 163 locations representing eight different concepts in New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida. Its strategic plan calls for continued new unit growth.

Business challenge: With nearly 11,000 employees, some key HR problems revolved around employee turnover and quality of hire. They needed employees who could create a “WOW” factor for all guests. They also needed a partner that had expertise and industry knowledge in the restaurant space.

Business solution: Together, we’re working to reduce turnover and ensure better quality hires through pre-hire assessments, which help hiring managers determine where to invest their time, and are developing a user-friendly application process for hourly and management-level candidates. The company is now looking to use other assessments for front of house, professional, and corporate positions.

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