Assess Systems‘ talent development assessments to be combined with GoodPractice’s UK-focused management and leadership resources.

Dallas (PRWEB) November 21, 2013—Assess Systems today announced a major strategic partnership with GoodPractice, a United Kingdom management and leadership learning resource provider. Under the partnership, Assess Systems‘ talent development assessments will be bolstered within the UK market by follow-up learning resources–such as online toolkits, e-learning materials and videos–from Scotland-based GoodPractice.

As part of the agreement, GoodPractice will become an Assess Systems reseller for the United Kingdom. In addition to developing new prospects and clients, it will have the opportunity to sell Assess Systems‘ talent development assessment products to its existing client list, which encompasses 250 of the UK’s leading organizations (including Rolls-Royce, Visa Europe and Barclays bank), all of the country’s central government departments and 40 universities.

“The United Kingdom is an important market for us,” Assess Systems President and CEO Stephen A. Sasser said. “Our clients will find that our management and professional development assessments deliver even more value when they are connected with GoodPractice’s content and services, which are created specifically for UK audiences.”

“This partnership adds a powerful analytical front end to our learning materials,” GoodPractice CEO Peter Casebow said. “Assess Systems‘ world-class assessments allow us to prioritize management and leadership resources for our clients. This opens up a new market for us and significantly boosts the value of our existing offerings.”

Assess Systems‘ other resellers in the United Kingdom benefit from the partnership, as their clients’ assessment recipients will also be provided follow-up learning materials from GoodPractice.

“Our international strategy is to partner with highly reputable companies that can complement our current solutions in powerful ways,” said Aylin Basom, Assess Systems‘ Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We will continue to develop partnerships, similar to our newly created one with GoodPractice, that create compelling value for our shared clients.”

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