Talent selection consultant Scott McTague will help attendees identify their unique interview styles, learn to manage the interview process more effectively, and make better talent decisions.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 10, 2013—Attendees of the Meeting of the Minds Restaurant Recruiting Conference, to be held September 17 and 18 in Dallas, will receive expert tips on how to conduct better interviews and make better talent decisions during an interactive presentation titled “Interviewing Success — Info and Insights” from Assess Systems‘ director of Market Solutions, Scott McTague.

McTague will offer information, tips and strategies on:

  • interview formats and structure
  • legal issues
  • non-verbal communication
  • the relationship between interviews and assessments
  • how to increase interviewer objectivity

One of the highlights of the presentation will be an interactive survey exercise, in which participants will identify their own unique interviewer styles and biases based on seven criteria. This knowledge will allow them to manage the interview process more objectively and improve their quality of hire.

“Participants will learn something from themselves, instead of just being lectured to,” McTague said. “They will have a unique opportunity to gain self-insights that will help them learn more about their approach to interviews. There will be some ‘aha’ moments that ultimately will allow them to make better talent decisions.”

McTague has more than 20 years of consulting experience that includes the design, implementation and measurement of strategic human resources, organizational development, and talent management systems for small, medium and large companies across diverse industries. He has consulted with many successful organizations on a wide variety of talent management and HR issues such as talent selection, talent development, performance management, succession planning and organizational effectiveness — with a particular focus during his career on the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Meeting of the Minds started off modestly as a friendly networking session of HR and recruiting professionals over lunch but has grown into the largest gathering of HR and recruiting restaurant and hospitality professionals in the country, according to Self Opportunity, Inc., the recruitment solutions company that is celebrating the 10th anniversary of hosting the annual conference in Dallas.