As the first of its kind, The Hiring Experience Stack lets the candidate drive with an automated consumer-grade workflow that breathes life into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) 


DALLAS, Texas – March 26, 2021 – Outmatch, the hiring experience leader, today introduces the Hiring Experience Stack. Whereas the current hiring process for most companies is a disjointed mashup of add-on software that prioritizes task efficiency over the holistic experience, the Hiring Experience Stack is a seamless orchestration of assessments, video interviewing and reference checking to deliver a more humanized, candidate-driven  hiring experience.

As the pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote recruitment in workplaces across the world, HR departments are increasingly relying on innovative solutions to change the way they are  interviewing, onboarding, and managing post-hire experiences.

“It’s never been more important to focus on job seekers and empower them with hiring experiences that are consultative and insightful. With the Hiring Experience Stack, we’re proud to work with companies to provide even more robust solutions to meet their recruitment needs in a humanized way by letting the candidate drive their own selection process,” says Greg Moran, CEO of Outmatch.

Outmatch’s Hiring Experience Stack is easily layered onto any company’s existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to let the candidate advance their application through Outmatch’s automated hiring workflow. It allows recruiters to create rich, engaging hiring assessments to get the data they need without compromising the candidate experience.

Candidates are given the opportunity to showcase their soft skills thanks to Outmatch’s recorded video interview solutions. Outmatch then accelerates the candidate’s hiring experience seamlessly with automated reference checking, simply requiring the candidate to input their basic reference information into the platform to start the process.

For recruiters, the Hiring Experience Stack provides a more holistic data story on candidates and provides a more precise measure of the impact of a better hiring experience. It also allows them to save up to 40% on costs with 25x ROI on every dollar spent on recruitment.


About Outmatch

Outmatch is the industry’s first and only Hiring Experience Stack. We composed a layer of assessments, video interviewing and referencing checking to breathe life into your ATS and humanize the hiring process at scale. Leading global companies choose Outmatch to boost talent acquisition performance and to deliver an engaging hiring experience for all. We’re big on data, intelligent about efficiency and urgently passionate about experience. Find Outmatch online at

Outmatch. Let the Candidate Drive.

Outmatch is a portfolio company of Rubicon Technology Partners (headquartered in Boulder, Colorado) and Camden Partners (headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland).