Online simulation platform provides data and insight to help companies streamline the leadership selection process, as well as save time and money

Outmatch, a leader in helping organizations match the right people with the right jobs, today introduced its newest solution: virtual leadership simulations that enable companies to make better, faster, and more cost-effective leadership selection decisions as well as improve succession planning, and more effective leadership development programs.

Outmatch Leadership Simulation, powered by Pinsight™, enables companies to use objective data and helps avoid the trap of using current performance to predict future success – a practice that results in managers making poor succession recommendations 60 percent of the time. By immersing candidates in realistic yet challenging online leadership simulations using live web-cam role plays with trained human actors, Outmatch Leadership Simulation observes more than 250 leadership behaviors in a simulated business environment. Certified assessors generate data analytics that evaluate the potential and readiness of managers, directors, and executives for more responsibility, and predict a leader’s ability to execute an organization’s specific strategies.

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