New development assessment focuses on skills needed to be effective during times of crisis, and delivers a real-time action plan to improve and build on those behaviors 

DALLAS — (April 6, 2020) — Outmatch, a talent intelligence platform that helps companies hire and develop great employees, today announced the launch of its free development assessment to help organizations understand how effectively their leaders can navigate through a crisis and to identify areas where they need supplemental development and training.

Leaders are often tasked with running head-on toward uncertainty, working to protect the best interests of the business, while also taking care of the employees who make their companies great. This is not always an easy thing to do, and the decisions leaders make are not always simple. The assessment analyzes how leaders display certain behaviors during a crisis and helps identify potential performance gaps.

“Outmatch’s mission is to match people with purpose,” said Greg Moran, CEO of Outmatch. “This new leadership assessment gets to the heart of leading-with-a-purpose by helping both companies and leaders alike understand where they are strong and where they can improve in times of crisis like we see today with the pandemic.”

This C.R.I.S.I.S. Development tool measures six key leadership competencies:

  1. Communicative: Communicates clearly, concisely, and in a timely manner, engaging the right people at the right time to inspire action.
  2. Resilient: Thinks quickly and decisively, responding with composure, optimism, and hardiness. Remains energetic and perseveres through challenges.
  3. Innovative: Embraces challenges and change calmly and thinks outside of the box to push the organization forward. Quickly adapts to changing circumstances and communicates any concerns.
  4. Strategic: Nimbly adapts strategies and processes, anticipating problems and addressing them quickly. Proactively seeks information and coaches others to think creatively as well. Makes adjustments as needed, while clearly communicating process changes and expectations.
  5. Influential: Proactively gathers input from diverse sources and understands the impact of the decision on all groups impacted by the crisis. Confidently makes decisions and holds themselves -accountable to the outcomes, developing well thought-out steps to ensure that the decision is sound and meets prescribed criteria.
  6. Supportive: Inspires others through clear direction, positive connections, and decisive judgement. Encourages teams to maintain meaningful and positive interactions while also acting quickly in a time of crisis.

With the results of the assessment, companies and individual leaders can craft and implement plans of action that immediately benefit not only the leader, but also employees.

“This assessment can play a powerful role in helping unlock a greater depth of self-awareness and personal effectiveness during times of crisis,” said Robin Stenzel, Chief Solutions Officer of Outmatch. “Taking time to reflect on successes and learn from challenges is more critical than ever during times of uncertainty. By taking a few minutes to assess your enduring skills as a leader, and then create an action plan, leaders can push themselves to be the most effective they can be.”


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