Did you know that 72% of employers have a hard time finding skilled candidates that are the right match? And in April 2020, unemployment rates in the United States hit an all-time high of 14.7%. With such high unemployment numbers, why is there a talent shortage?

The secret is that there isn’t a talent shortage. The truth is … the hiring as a process is broken. For years, companies have hired with a focus on searching for the talent with  the skills that will help their business succeed. This company-driven process fails candidates.

Career Builder found that 73% of job seekers say the process of looking for a job is one of the most stressful events in life.

ICIMS found that 59% of candidates have abandoned an online application due to issues or bugs on the website

The hiring process as we know it makes it hard for candidates to apply and interview and eventually leaves most candidates with—what they experience as—wasted time that doesn’t lead to quality applications. It results in unhappy candidates. And, it results in a LOT of interviews for a company (and a lot of time interviewing). That’s lost time, money, and talent.  

The answer is that you need to change your entire approach and put the candidate first. It’s time to focus on how to enhance their experience.


It’s Time to Let The Candidate Drive the Recruitment Process

Instead of trying something new with the same foundation (company-driven), you need to think about the candidate experience. One example would be to look at the assessments candidates have to fill out. Outmatch’s new hiring experience assessment is designed to do exactly this. 88% of candidates who used the assessment felt more engaged and 63% of candidates preferred it over a traditional assessment. Why is that?

The assessment uses visually engaging images so that candidates can actually enjoy the process. Not only is it visually engaging, but the assessment is also much shorter (23%!) than the average assessment. Also, it uses answer choices that are balanced for social desirability so you can learn the candidates’ true preferences, not just what they “think” is the right answer.

Now, you can show candidates that you value their time before you even offer a job. You’re not wasting their time with lengthy questions and whittling away candidates throughout the process. Instead, candidates can opt-out at any time, and the experience is positive every step of the way.

A higher completion rate leads to more qualified applicants, and happier applicants. This helps build your company and employer brand and can help decrease the stress candidates feel. In fact, 74% of the users said it made them think more favorably about the employer.

The best part of this solution is that it still measures the same core components that have proven job success through nearly 20 million assessments per year. Win-win.

Your company can widen the net of qualified candidates that complete their application, avoid increasing the recruiting and HR team exponentially, and onboard the best talent for the job. The assessment is one component of the Hiring Experience Stack and its seamless layering onto your current ATS allows you to optimize the process for your company and for your recruiters.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can engage the best and brightest, contact Outmatch today for a demo.