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One of America’s Fastest Growing Burger Chains

One Of America’s Fastest Growing Burger Chains

Background: This fast-casual restaurant chain has more than 350 locations in 37 states and 9 countries. It serves burgers, chicken sandwiches, and more with a localized menu in each of its unique markets. They were named one of American’s fastest growing companies, and they don’t plan to slow down.

Challenge: They needed a new ATS provider that could better support their size and growth, and because assessments were a package deal with the ATS, they needed a new assessment provider as well. Also, they had done a validation study on their existing assessment and found that it didn’t accurately predict success for key roles in the business. The Manager of Talent Acquisition was concerned they were screening out good candidates with an inaccurate assessment, and led the charge to find a better solution.

Solution: The Manager of Talent Acquisition appreciated our strong science heritage and industry expertise. We have a team of I/O experts and research analysts on staff, which was key in forming our partnership, and something the Manager of Talent Acquisition found lacking in other assessment providers. We’ll provide assessments, reference checking, and post-hire engagement surveys for this company’s corporate and restaurant hires.

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