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One of the Largest Federal Credit Unions in the Northeast

One Of The Largest Federal Credit Unions In The Northeast

Background: This credit union has over 300,000 members, 500 employees, and 35 publicly accessible branches. They were also ranked one of the best places to work in New York state.

Challenge: This organization had three primary goals: to reduce employee turnover, improve quality of hire, and grow their market share. They decided to implement a personality assessment in place of their skills-based assessment, which wasn’t delivering the results they needed.

Solution: They chose OutMatch because our assessments integrate seamlessly with Ultimate Software, the ATS they recently rolled out. Our assessments will identify top-quality candidates for all the credit union’s open positions, including tellers, loan officers, analysts, and more. Our assessments will also drive efficiency and reduce workload so the credit union’s small recruiting team can operate more effectively.

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