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Workforce Analytics
Actionable insights to optimize your talent strategy

Improve hiring and development, not by trial-and-error, but with confidence and clarity from fully understanding your pre-hire and post-hire processes.

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We’re getting profound and real feedback about our people, and we’re getting this information faster than ever before.

-Head of Talent Acquisition

Case Study: 12 Day Improvement in Time to Hire

We’re investing in our people, and we’re seeing the results—we’re a strong same-store sales company, and a lot of it is because of our people.

-Chief People Officer

Case Study: $5.2M in Sales and Turnover Savings

We were never true believers in predictive analytics… Until now. You get what you put in, and the results are impressive.

-VP of Talent Acquisition

Case Study: From Paper to Proficiency

One Convenient Dashboard

  • Understand and improve your hiring process using the Talent Dashboard to track key metrics, like candidate drop-off and mobile usage.
  • Use dynamic views to see your complete candidate history, search a specific date range, drill down by job type, and more.
  • View industry benchmarks at-a-glance, and optimize your assessment experience by aligning with best practices.

Improving the way you match people to jobs is step one. But how do you measure success? How do you know that you’re hiring the right people, investing in the right places, and promoting the right leaders?

OutMatch Analytics help you answer these questions so you can continually fine-tune your talent strategy. You’ll get feedback into how your pre-hire and post-hire processes are working, and you’ll finally be able to measure the impact that your people have on your business.

  • Job Performance
  • Employee Retention
  • Revenue Growth


OutMatch captures data at key points in the employee lifecycle—from candidate demographics to assessment competition stats to new hire performance and turnover.

By connecting your pre-hire and post-hire processes, and uncovering behavioral patterns in your workforce, OutMatch Analytics provide a big-picture vantage point to help you scale your successes and target opportunities for improvement.

  • Optimize key hiring metrics, like candidate drop off and time to complete
  • Trace top performers back to your best recruiting sources
  • Take action in departments or locations where engagement is low
  • Measure benchstrength and identify gaps in leadership

Take Your Talent Strategy to The Next Level



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