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Automated Reference Checking
A quality reference check that won’t hold up your hiring process

Free your talent acquisition team from the burden of traditional reference checking—so they can focus on finding great talent for your organization.

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Thanks to automated reference checking, we’re now adding higher quality candidates to our talent pool, and to our workforce overall.

-Head of Talent Acquisition

Case Study: Growing the Talent Pipeline YoY

Automated reference checking not only tells us how a candidate performed in the previous role, but it’s also predictive of how they’ll perform in the next role.

-Operations & Recruitment Manager

Case Study: 0 Employee Replacements to Date

Save Time in Your Hiring Process

  • Complete a reference check in under 24 hours
  • Check completion status and access results in real time

Make it Quick, Easy, & Anonymous

  • Boost response rates with a simple online experience
  • Provide anonymity for honest, worry-free feedback

Take Action Based on Reference Check Scores

  • Get an objective layer of insight—not just anecdotal feedback
  • Avoid bad hires by removing low-scoring candidates

Bonus: Source 4X More Talent

  • Increase brand awareness by reaching 4X more people
  • Grow your talent network by converting references to candidates

Anyone who’s had to check references by phone or email knows the process is slow, inconsistent, and doesn’t provide any real insight on the candidate’s job performance or potential for success.

If your recruiters are spending hours of their workweek checking references for candidates who were going be hired anyway, then reference checking is a waste of time.

There’s a better way. With an automated process, you can make reference checking worth doing again.

  • References can complete in under 2 minutes
  • 98% of references checks ready within 24 hours
  • Feedback is related to job success, not employment verification


Automated reference checking is easier for everyone.

  1. Recruiters add candidates to the system.
  2. Candidates invite 4-5 professional contacts.
  3. References complete a quick online assessment.
  4. 30% of references will opt-in to your talent network.
  5. Recruiters are notified when reference check results are ready, and can also search the sourcing database anytime for new talent.

Learn how the questions you ask make all the difference—in interviewing and in reference checking.

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