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Talent Assessment
Your hiring and development decisions, powered by behavioral data

Find your very best match for the job—whether you’re hiring brand new employees, promoting high potentials, or building your leadership pipeline.

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We use assessments for all of our front-line hiring—all of our pilots, flight attendants, agents, and baggage handlers—that accounts for about 80% of our workforce.

-Director of Global Talent Acquisition

Watch: Fueling Front-Line Hiring

Turnover is very tough in the restaurant business, but within just 6 months of using assessments, we saw big reductions in turnover.

-Chief People Officer

Case Study: $5.2M in Sales and Turnover Savings

OutMatch assessments have been so powerful in helping us with selection, we’re now using them across our management and hourly population.

-Manager of Talent Development & Leadership Coaching

Case Study: $21M in Turnover Savings

Quick Tour of OutMatch Assessment

Make Decisions Based on Data

  • See which candidate is the best match based on their Match Score
  • Learn about strengths, gaps, motivations, and more in the Match Report
  • Improve interviewing and onboarding with personalized guidance for each candidate

Keep Candidates Engaged

  • Create a seamless experience with an assessment that looks like you—add your logo, theme colors, recruitment message, and photos or videos
  • Boost completion rates by providing a fully-optimized mobile experience

Get Started in Just a Few Clicks

  • Choose from hundreds of ready-to-use hiring profiles
  • Create a shorter experience by turning off portions of the assessment
  • See how your assessment impacts candidate drop-off and other key metrics

Turn Analytics into Action

  • Improve the metrics that matter most in your organization, whether that’s candidate drop-off, applicant flow, time to complete, mobile usage, or candidate diversity
  • Get clarity on where to invest by understanding your top recruiting sources

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Without the right mix of personality traits, natural abilities, and motivators to succeed, even your most promising candidates will fail. Our predictive assessments help you target top candidates for any job, at any level, in any industry.

Hourly • Individual Contributor • Manager • Executive

You’ll make better, more efficient hiring decisions, and you’ll be armed with insight for each phase of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to succession planning.

Hiring • Onboarding • Coaching & Development • Succession Planning


OutMatch Talent Analytics help you find your very best match for the job—any job—by crunching data on personality fit, cognitive ability, and situational judgement.

Our predictive assessments work because we know the skills and personality strengths that lead to success across hundreds of different job types. So whether you’re hiring restaurant servers, insurance agents, or c-level executives, we have an assessment for you.

Learn more about matching the right people with the right jobs.

Integrate with Your ATS

Create a seamless experience for candidates and a simplified hiring process for your team with OutMatch Integrations.

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Take Your Talent Strategy to The Next Level



Optimize your talent strategy with guidance and best practices from our Talent Solutions team.

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Looking for a tailored solution? Maximize job fit with a hiring profile that’s tailored to your unique culture and roles.

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Put new hires fast track to success. Identify high potential talent using objective, future-oriented metrics.

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Choose top-performing leaders with the help of leadership simulations and other data-driven strategies.

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