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They might have the right experience. They might have the right skills. But without the right personality traits, even your most promising candidates will fail.

Personality assessments unlock a whole new world of insight—telling you how well a candidate fits your culture, what strengths they bring to a role, what drives them to achieve results, and what their career growth might look like in your organization. Using industry benchmarks and research of more than 10 million job candidates per year, we know what personalities work best in every type of job. Learn which personality traits lead to success in the infographics below.

Personality of a Great HR Leader

HR leaders steer your organization’s talent strategy and impact hiring and development decisions across your entire company. Find out how to select the very best.

Personality of a Great Retail Manager

When it comes to driving sales and anticipating customer needs, who will “do the job” and who will naturally excel? Find out which personality traits are key to success in retail.

Personality of a Great Manager

Managers can make or break the productivity of your teams. Learn how to spot a natural, or the type of manager who will drive results, encourage employee growth, and more.

Personality of a Great Executive

Who deserves the next C-level spot in your organization? A high-performing manager? Maybe—or maybe not. Find out which leaders truly have what it takes to run a business.

Personality of a Great Restaurant Manager

Your GMs, assistant managers, and kitchen managers are the difference between low-performing locations and top stores. Check out the recipe for restaurant success.

Personality of a Great Hospitality Manager

Not everyone is cut out to run hotels, host excursions, or manage tourist attractions. Who will be great and who will far short? Find out what traits make up the “hospitality gene.”

Personality of a Perfect Salesperson

What good is a quota if two out of five salespeople can’t hit it? Top sellers share certain personality traits—and you should know what they are. See the seven traits that are key to closing the deal.

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