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Hiring the right person for the job is essential, but how do you know if the new hire is going to be the right fit? Our pre-employment assessment test can help your HR department understand the hidden traits of a candidate before hiring; so you can learn more about the candidate, other than just what is learned during the initial interview. Our pre-employment assessment tests have proven successful across various industries including retail, restaurant, hospitality, sales and beyond. Find out how OutMatch can improve your company’s hiring process, and reduce your employee turnover.

pre-employment assessment testOutmatch Employment Assessment Test

We use industry-leading technology that will provide your company with the data that has always been missing throughout your hiring process. You will receive insight to new hires, and you will finally be able to measure the impact of hiring to your company. With the help from the pre-employment assessment test, you will be able to build a competitive, high performing company with the right employees matched to the right roles.

Our talent assessment solutions can help your business identify candidates who are the best fit, ranging from hourly employees to executive positions. Our assessments can help you understand a candidate’s characteristics, abilities and learned skills, which can then be compared to the organization’s success to determine if the candidate will be the best fit for the job. After this is completed, you will find yourself with a new hire who is a successful match for the job, company, and culture.

80% of Fortune 500 companies are using pre-employment assessment tests – you can join them today. If you want to dramatically increase your company’s talent, find out these 10 ways assessments will make your job easier.

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