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Company will become first provider to publicly demonstrate consistent efficacy for all protected classes on August 4 at Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 30, 2014—Assess Systems will become the first company in the assessment industry to publicly show that its personality assessments predict work performance equivalently across races, sexes and ages. Assess Systems provides Talent Selection and People Development solutions to companies in a variety of industries including restaurant, hospitality, retail, healthcare and banking, among others.

On August 4, during the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Assess Systems Talent Solutions Consultant Adam Kabins, Ph.D., will deliver the results of a state-of-the-art data analysis of more than 5,000 users in his presentation, “Are All Personality Traits Created Equal?”

Kabins, who plays an active role in the statistical research of the company’s various personality assessments, says the results he will discuss are highly important for two key reasons. “First, there is the legal component. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 requires that all tests employers use to choose applicants must predict performance similarly for the protected classes: race, sex and age. This analysis clearly demonstrates that organizations using our personality assessments are in full compliance with the Act.”

“Second, and perhaps even more importantly, there is the value component. When employers use our personality assessments, they’ll know the data is valid regardless of who takes them. This enables the organizations that use our assessments to make optimal hiring decisions across all groups. That may not be the case with other assessments.”

Keith McCook, Ph.D., Assess Systems‘ Senior Director of Research & Science, is encouraged by the results of the analysis and with Kabins being selected as a presenter at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting. It is one of the premier conferences in the scholarly management and organization space, attracting more than 10,000 professionals, academics, scholars and students.

“It’s a very prestigious event, and many of the field’s most renowned thought leaders will be presenting and attending,” McCook said. “For Adam to be given the honor of speaking is further proof that we are doing strong, vital and meaningful research.”

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