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Primanti Bro’s.: Finding Best-Fit Candidates for Grand Openings in 2017

Primanti Bro’s.: Finding Best-Fit Candidates For Grand Openings In 2017

The assessment results help me decide if a candidate is the right fit for the position they applied for. The candidate receives a score from 1-5 on the assessment, and depending on the results, I know immediately whether to proceed or release the candidate from the interview process.

Samantha Willing, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Biggest challenge: Helping managers staff up for new restaurant openings

About Primanti Bros.

This sandwich shop, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, began as a food cart in 1933 and now has a cult following. With 37 current locations and several openings planned for 2017, the Primanti Bro’s. growth plan is aggressive and will launch the brand into new areas across the U.S.

Company Quick Facts

  • 37 locations and growing
  • 55 employees per store, on average
  • Working with OutMatch since 2016
  • Using assessments for hourly and management
  • Integrated assessments with talentReef ATS

Hiring Challenges

  • Establishing an employment brand in new cities
  • Attracting talent outside their “hometown” fan base
  • Being fully staffed in time for grand openings
  • Tracking and managing turnover

Assessments to Help Staff New Stores

As a unique restaurant concept, Primanti Bro’s. seeks people who are passionate about the brand and fit the culture. With rapid expansion as a key initiative, recruiters and hiring managers must quickly fill front of house (FOH), back of house (BOH), and management positions for new locations with no existing staff. That’s why Primanti Bro’s. began using OutMatch assessments in 2016—to speed up the hiring process by targeting best-fit candidates.

Results—Better Recruiting, Hiring, and Talent Management

I’ve gotten great feedback from hiring managers. They say that the assessment scores cut way down on the time they spend deciding if a candidate meets our company’s expectations.

Samantha Willing, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Biggest challenge: Helping managers staff up for new restaurant openings

OutMatch helps me find the right people to hire. I print out the interview questions that come with the assessment results, and it really helps keep my questions relevant to that particular candidate.

Josh Garrity, GM “Head Coach” at Erie, PA location
Biggest challenge: Getting quality candidates for FOH and BOH positions

We have a high percentage of internal promotions, which speaks to our ability to grow talent. The assessment results help us understand an individual’s potential and strengths and weaknesses so that we can align succession and development plans accordingly.

Cheryl Domitrovic, Director of Human Resources
Biggest Challenge: Winning talent in competitive markets

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