Assessments that go beyond knowledge, skills and abilities

Engage your candidates at scale with higher satisfaction, all while reducing time you spend on manually evaluating and measuring potential hires.

Use assessments to measure what matters with a powerful, seamless experience

Outmatch Assess helps organizations thoughtfully evaluate candidates while creating an experience that everyone loves. A more efficient process is possible when you let the candidate drive.

Assess the skills that are tough to measure

Soft skills like creativity, collaboration, and adaptability are in high demand. Outmatch measures the must-have soft skills your candidates and employees need to succeed.

Provide value to all candidates

Discovering an ideal career path – and helping others do the same – is life-changing. If someone isn’t the right fit for a job, Outmatch helps find the path they’re better suited for.

Use assessment data to create a personalized experience

Recruiting assessments fuel personalized interviewing and onboarding guides for every candidate. Once taken, the assessment arms hiring teams with unique insights.

Meaningful feedback for candidates

Candidate feedback reports are sent to candidates, making the hiring experience more personal and valuable — even for those who aren’t hired.

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Outmatch Assess Features

  • Turn-key integration: Connect to your ATS and other systems in hours or days, not weeks

  • Over 900 pre-built job profiles: Covers roles from frontline employees to the C-Suite

  • Ability to evaluate candidates side by side: Compare multiple candidates to one job

  • Expand your talent pool: Compare a single candidate to multiple roles

  • In-product analytics: Get real-time insights into usage, efficiency, diversity and more

  • Respect for candidates’ time: Assessments in as little as seven minutes for hourly and 16 minutes for professional

Agile job profiles

Created for your highest impact and highest volume roles in weeks, our custom profiles are built uniquely for you.

Profile Identification

Identify the right role and present the findings and recommendations.

Role discovery

Through stakeholder interviews and surveys, identify what leads to success.

Refine and tailor

Ongoing review, feedback and recalibration to ensure success.

Implement the job profile

Build it out and conduct training for end-users.

Let top performers prove themselves with hiring simulations

Let candidates take the wheel in a true, engaging hiring simulation of the roles you’re hiring for to help future employees know what they will experience.

Job simulations are available for the following roles:

  • Voice agents

  • Chat agents

  • Inbound sales

  • Technical support

Focus on evaluating what really matters

Measure sales and service orientation, multitasking and more

Short but impactful

Candidates simulate realistic customer interactions in an eight- to 20-minute experience

Focused on your unique needs

Job-accurate interface for simulations with custom branding and content

Cognitive assessments

Optional add-on measures that give you further insight into abilities, reasoning and basic skills

  • Numerical reasoning: Basic math, ratios, charts and graphs​

  • Logical reasoning: Logical assumptions and consequences

  • Reading comprehension: Simple and complex​ reading passages

  • Abstract ​reasoning: Puzzle-based problem-solving

  • Number patterns: Pattern recognition and logic with numbers

Customer Story:

Save millions in turnover costs

Outmatch Assess helped Chilis save $21M in hourly worker turnover costs year over year.

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Assessments: Powerful alone but better together

Our Hiring Experience Stack lets the candidate drive through automated hiring workflow. It creates an impactful employer brand experience, giving immediate feedback to every applicant. Just stack on your existing ATS and go.

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Create a better assessment experience for all

Let candidates drive their assessment and evaluation and humanize the hiring process at scale with Outmatch.

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