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Summer, a/k/a “prime time” for your restaurant, retail store, or hospitality venue, is upon us. While it’s critical to have enough employees to meet the rush, it’s quite another to have the right employees: those who provide exceptional customer service that can make or break your business. How important is it? According to a Walker study, customer experience is becoming the biggest brand differentiator for consumers – more than either price or product.

The good news is that it’s possible to predict which candidates will be most successful in delivering customer service that boosts the bottom line. It starts with determining the job competencies that are most indicative of strong customer focus, and then using assessments to generate data on how candidates match up against those traits.

Through three decades of research and experience, OutMatch has uncovered the four key traits that determine a person’s customer focus competency:

  • Insight. Showing interest in what customers want and understanding others’ motivations is an important attribute for employees in any consumer-facing company.

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