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If you’re ready to leave behind the tired excuse of, “That’’s the way we’ve always done it,” then it’s likely you’re prepared to breathe new life into your company’s recruitment and retention strategies. The good news is that your timing couldn’t be better—. Traditional talent selection is dead, and the advent of predictive analytics is injecting newfound confidence and clarity into the selection process. 

Think about it. We use data in virtually every aspect of business. We look to big data, small data, and internal and external data. Everywhere we look, information is being captured, quantified and utilized to make strategic business decisions in operations, finance, marketing and other key areas. So, why not in recruiting? Wouldn’t it be great to feel reassured that your latest hire is going to be a match made in heaven?

The latest innovations in data-driven predictive analytics are making strategic hiring a reality. Predictive analytics use data to assess skills, competencies, culture fit and more.

Read Greg Moran’s full article on the Recruiting Trends Bulletin.

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