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Nationwide Roadside Assistance Organization

Nationwide Roadside Assistance Organization

Background: This division of a nationwide roadside assistance organization provides services to over two million members in North and South Carolina.

Challenge: The CHRO of this organization knew the value of using assessments to improve quality of hire, but wasn’t happy with previous assessment vendors, either because the assessment took too long to complete, or because it didn’t assess for key competencies that lead to success on the job. The CHRO needed a solution that could reduce the time is takes a candidate to complete the assessment, while also providing the competency-based results that recruiters and managers need to make the best possible hires.

Solution: The CHRO chose OutMatch because we will help achieve two important goals: (1) a great candidate experience by fully integrating with UltiPro, their applicant tracking system, and (2) an effective screening method that keeps candidates in the funnel, rather than knocking them out before recruiters have a chance to make contact. The CHRO plans to roll out assessments for front-line technicians, managers, and all other roles across the organization (800+ hires per year).



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