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The Essential Guide to Predictive Talent Analytics

Predictive analytics has taken off in the business world, but HR is late to the game. Learn how you can harness the power of predictive analytics to drive superior decision making and gain greater influence at the C-suite table.


Webinar Series

The Talent Playbook Podcast

#20: Changing careers and lives with Rebecca Taber Staehelin, CEO of non-profit and tech startup Merit America

With a passion for education and a thriving workforce, Rebecca Taber Staehelin has created a…

#19: The Case for UpSkilling with Christian Scharff of PwC Luxembourg

Upskilling is the wave of the future. Christian Scharff, of PwC Luxembourg, is one of…


OutMatch Video Interview 3-Minute Demo
See all the benefits of a made-for-recruitment video interview platform, which includes pre-recorded interviews, live interviews, automated scheduling, team collaboration, and more!


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OutMatch Announces Next Phase of Its Next Generation Talent Discovery Platform, Blending AI and Human Expertise

The integration of Wepow Video Interviewing and OutMatch Assessment gives companies the AI power they…

OutMatch Adds Natural Language Processing and Gamification Technology to Their Tech Stack

OutMatch's acquisition of Eureka technology expands AI capabilities empowering employers to discover and maximize their…

Harri Partners with OutMatch to Increase Retention for Hospitality Brands

Next generation workforce management technology expands capabilities to assess candidates and further inform talent acquisition…

OutMatch Hires HR Executive Robin Stenzel as New Chief Solutions Officer

Stenzel adds expertise in talent acquisition and management to the predictive talent and culture analytics…

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