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HR Automation and 3 Things Recruiters Could Do With Extra Time

HR Automation And 3 Things Recruiters Could Do With Extra Time

HR automation is not a new concept, but it’s certainly top of mind in the modern economy. Software solutions are getting smarter, and the workforce is buzzing with concern that technological advancement will result in a colder, less personal touch, especially in the recruitment process.

But what if automation means keeping things more human as opposed to less?

Take email, for example. We all spend a ton of time sending and reading email. How much time exactly? A recent webinar on HR tech automation asked:

How much of your work week is spent on email?

For the average worker, the answer is 35%. So, assuming you receive 50 emails a day, you’ll spend 229 hours on email each year. In that time, you could have:

  • climbed Mount Everest twice
  • taken 21 road trips across the U.S.
  • or, read the entire Harry Potter series 12 times

Spending this much of the week on email leaves less time for other meaningful work. For recruiting teams, many of these remaining hours will be spent screening and interviewing job candidates. Another poll asked:

How much of your work week is spent on phone interviews?

For a recruiter working 10 recs and interviewing 10 candidates per rec, the answer is 30%.

HR automation can give you back the equivalent time it takes to climb Mount Everest twice in one year, just by reducing the amount of time you spend on email or in phone interviews.

Of course, your teams can’t go cold turkey email or the phone, but you can adopt technology to help reduce the time they spend doing things the old fashioned way. TextRecruit, for example, is a tool that helps recruiters communicate with candidates at scale through text messaging and live chat. Reaching people in real time is more efficient and more engaging, plus your teams will spend less time slogging through email. 

To reduce time spent phone screening, video interviewing is a great solution. Companies like Walmart, Colgate, and Virgin Atlantic have replaced the traditional phone screen with pre-recorded video interviews to reduce candidate screening time by up to 70%.

What can your teams accomplish with all that extra time?

In How to Keep Your Hiring Process Human in the Age of Automation, Imo Udom, co-founder of the video interviewing tool Wepow, walks us through how automated solutions can help teams reclaim much-needed time to build stronger relationships, increase performance – or even climb a mountain.