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What Makes Your Company Great? Red Bull Inspires

What Makes Your Company Great? Red Bull Inspires

Which came first – the brand or the company? The company or the brand? In the case of Red Bull, it’s their brand that drives the business. As their motto implies – “Red Bull gives you wings” – this company is all about pushing limits. In 2012, they literally took the sky (actually, all the way to space) by sponsoring the highest ever free-fall parachute jump from 24 miles above the Earth. And today, we continue to see them push the limits in the air, land, and water.

According to Forbes, “This adventurous spirit is a reflection of Red Bull’s freewheeling corporate culture that has enabled the company to build an enviable performance record over the last 30 years.”

Need proof that living your brand not only drives performance, but builds your talent pipelines as well? It works for Red Bull. At of the end of 2016, Red Bull employed 11,865 people in 171 countries. On their career page, they say this:

Profit is not our driver, it’s chasing our potential. It’s giving wings to people and ideas.” 

Red Bull has build a fan base around world records and epic adventures, but not all companies need to attract the thrill-seeker type. What’s your company all about? This blog post on DisruptHR should get you thinking about what makes your company great, and what inspires people within your company to strive for greatness. Then, your job in HR is to find ways to inject that message of greatness into your employment brand – so you can attract and retain talent that is perfectly suited to your brand and culture.

We’ve seen impressive cross-functional efforts in recent years between HR and Marketing to join forces as brand ambassadors, and unite the corporate and employment brand under one “roof.” If your company already has a strong brand and culture, then there’s no need to re-invent it. Rather, immerse yourself in it. Become an expert in your company’s culture and turn it into your competitive advantage. When you do, you’ll not only boost your applicant flow, but you’ll see an uptick in the right type of candidates for your company. The wrong candidates will self-select out, making it easier for Talent Acquisition to fill roles faster. You’ll also see that a strong culture leads to stronger employee engagement and retention.

For more information on leveraging your brand and culture to maximize the potential of your workforce, check out our webinar: Culture DNA: How to Measure, Endorse, and Turn it into Your Competitive Advantage.


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