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Top 5 Emerging Priorities for HR Leaders

A recent people management survey asked over 600 HR executives, “What are your top people management initiatives for 2018?” The answer revealed common themes, as well as emerging trends in HR.

The 2018 survey, which was also conducted in 2017 and 2016, added a third year of consecutive data to the study. In 2018, employee engagement took the top spot as priority #1 for companies of all sizes (over 1,000 employees and under 1,000 employees). Company culture came in second for companies over 1,000 employees, and third for companies under 1,000 employees.

These results are consistent with the culture and engagement initiatives we’re currently seeing across HR. Both company culture and employee engagement made it in the top three people management initiatives in the survey for three years running – which isn’t a huge surprise. What’s interesting, though, is the emerging priorities we’re beginning to see for the future, such as:

1. Recruiting and Talent Acquisition: How to source and select talent in a cost efficient and effective manner.

2. Change Management: How to manage HR priorities through mergers and acquisitions and/or strategic change.

3. Inclusion and Diversity: How to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse workforce. One survey respondent said,

Everyone in our industry is talking about diversity, but the numbers aren’t moving. We’re going back to the drawing board to change this, ” said one HR leader.

4. Remote Workforces: How to manage workforces that are increasingly full- or part-time remote. Another survey respondent said,

80% of our workforce work remotely or from small satellite offices. We’re struggling to maintain consistency in our strategy and culture,” said another HR leader.

5. Retention of High Potential Employees: How to retain and develop high potential and high-performing employees.

Do these HR priorities align with yours? Get ready to pay close attention to these areas in the near future. For a full recap of the results from the 2018 People Management Survey, watch our webinar on-demand.

Top 5 Emerging Priorities for HR