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Video Interviewing: A Must-Have for Recruiting in 2019

Video Interviewing: A Must-Have For Recruiting In 2019

Video interviews and soft skills tests are largely replacing the traditional phone screen, says LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Trends Report.

Video interviewing is being hailed as one of the newest ways to identify top performers. It can be as simple as turning on your webcam, but the leaders in this trend are seeing the most success with made-for-recruitment interview platforms, which include structured interviews, collaboration tools, and consistent evaluation across candidates. According to SHRM, some companies are even incorporating skills and behavioral assessments powered by AI within their video interviews.

Of the 9,000 talent leaders and hiring managers surveyed in LinkedIn’s Global Trends Report, 18% said they have mostly or completely adopted new interview tools, and 56% rated new interview tools as an extremely important. If you’re still on the fence, here are the top 5 reasons to embrace video interviewing:

1. The new generation loves video.

Now that you’ve mastered the class on how to recruit Millennials, it’s time to set your sights on an entirely new generation: Gen Z. They’re entering the workforce in waves, and because they’ve lived their whole lives in the digital age, they’re more comfortable with video than any other generation. To them, anything that doesn’t utilize video is archaic.

2. Expand your recruitment reach.

If you want to cast a wide and attract a diverse pool of candidates, video interviewing is the tool you need. It’s also perfect for remote positions, college recruiting, and internship programs. With video interviewing, you can connect with candidates anywhere in the world, regardless of location.

3. Screen candidates 3x faster.

After adopting video interviewing, Adidas reduced initial candidate screening time from 60 minutes to 20 minutes. Virgin Atlantic improved recruiter efficiency by 3X, and Retailer Bealles reduced overall time to hire by 56 days. These are just a few examples of what you can accomplish with video interviewing.

4. Consistency leads to quality.

Research shows that consistent interview questions leave less opportunity for unconscious bias, and a scoring systems create much-needed structure and accountability in interviews. The right video interview platform will include both of these, resulting in better quality hires for your organization.

5. Show you’re savvy.

Top candidates want to work for companies that are current and relevant. By using video interviewing, you’ll be seen as innovative. Plus, with video, you’ll be able to showcase your company’s purpose and people, and make candidates feel a part of your company even before they step through the door.

To learn more, download the The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing.

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