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Top-Performing Doctors Generate $1M in Additional Revenue at Growing Dental Center

OutMatch Assessment Identifies Doctors Who Earn Higher Performance Ratings & Increase Revenue to the Business

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As a growing network of dental care providers, this company needed a way to ensure top quality staff and care across its 300 independently-owned and operated practices.

Company Quick Facts

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Number of locations: 300
  • Number of employees: 2,500
  • Solution: OutMatch Assessment

Daily Revenue Contribution: Strong Vs. Poor Match

Average daily revenue per doctor:

  • Poor match: $2,646
  • Strong match: $2,949

Strong matches generate 11% higher revenue! 

Performance Analysis: Strong Match Vs. Poor Match

Average performance ratings:

  • Poor match: 3.04
  • Strong match: 3.99

Strong matches are 3X more likely to be a top performer!

Challenge: Selecting Doctors Who Fit the Practice

This dental center has a mission of providing high quality and affordable dental care through neighborhood dental offices across the country. They do this by absorbing existing dental practices, as well as opening new practices. Without an assessment tool in place, the company had no way of knowing which doctors were most likely to maintain strong patient relations, be strong office leaders, and drive top operational and clinical results once they joined the provider network. That’s what they partnered with OutMatch to find out.

Solution: OutMatch Assessment

The company hadn’t used predictive assessments before, but they knew they needed an objective way to select doctors who would best represent their culture, values, and brand.

OutMatch conducted a study of 200 doctors across the provider network to uncover the characteristics and behaviors that lead to success in this role. Then, OutMatch built a predictive assessment to identify doctors as a ‘strong match’ or ‘poor match’ based on how likely they are to:

  • Earn high performance ratings
  • Receive high patient satisfaction scores
  • Increase revenue to the business

Result: Better Selection of Doctors Drives Increased Revenue

The predictive assessment measured key competencies including Patient Focus, Team Leadership, Resilience, Communication, and more. Using this assessment, the company found that doctors identified as a strong match were 3X more likely to be rated as a top performer by clinical supervisors. In addition, strong matches drove 11% higher revenue to the business, which equates to over $300 more per day and nearly $73,000 more per year!

Download Case Study PDF