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Acceptance Auto Insurance Improves Operations and Candidate Quality with iCIMS and OutMatch

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An integration allowed our team to move faster, and the teams at both iCIMS and OutMatch were terrific partners in making the systems talk and work seamlessly.

Customer at a Glance

Nashville, Tennessee-based Acceptance Auto Insurance is a leading provider of personal automobile insurance and other related products. Operating over 350 retail locations in 12 states, the company markets its services through the Acceptance Insurance, Yale Insurance, and Insurance Plus brands.

  • Industry: Insurance
  • Headquarters: Nashville, TN
  • Number of Employees: 4,000
  • Retail Locations: 350 retail locations in 12 states
  • Customer Since: 2009
  • iCIMS Solutions: Recruit & Onboard
  • Marketplace Products: OutMatch


  • Lengthy, paper-based candidate assessment process
  • Disparate talent acquisition tools extended the hiring process

Key Benefits:

  • Single platform to conduct talent acquisition activities
  • Speed to useful candidate information
  • Increased recruiter productivity and hiring manager satisfaction
  • Improved candidate quality and reduction in employee turnover

The Challenge

Prior to using OutMatch, Acceptance utilized a manual, paper-based process to conduct and score candidate assessments, and experienced long delays in receiving results. Scores were called back to hiring managers as a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” approval, and offered little insight into the unique qualities of a candidate. “This approach was not a partnership or something that was helpful, it felt like handcuffs in the hiring process,” said Clay Stallings, vice president, talent acquisition and development of Acceptance Auto Insurance.

To solve this challenge, Acceptance incorporated the expert assessment capabilities of OutMatch to gain a more comprehensive view of their candidates, but faced challenges due to the system being disparate from the iCIMS Talent Platform. “It was quickly clear that without an integration, the assessment tool was not going to be effective due to the time it took to find the candidate in the other system,” said Stallings.

The Solution

Acceptance deployed an iCIMS Connector to integrate OutMatch with the iCIMS Talent Platform, uniting all candidate information between the two systems to eliminate data silos and create a single platform for conducting talent acquisition activities. Through the integration, recruiters are now able to invite a candidate to complete an assessment in OutMatch from directly within iCIMS, as well as view timely assessment results from OutMatch next to the candidate’s profile in iCIMS. Stallings reports that the implementation process was “smooth and easy,” and also notes that “the teams at iCIMS and OutMatch were terrific partners in making the systems talk and work seamlessly.”

The Results

Since integrating iCIMS and OutMatch, Acceptance has seen numerous benefits in their hiring operations, most notably significant time savings and improved candidate determination for recruiters. Hiring managers have also experienced improved candidate quality and reduced employee turnover due to the ability to make more informed hiring decisions, and also have a better understanding of their new team members and how to coach them in areas of opportunity. Additionally, as all information is now readily available in a single system of record, files can be easily accessed when historical information is needed or when candidates are moved to another role by the recruiter. “Speed to useful information is the key gain,” said Stallings. “Both platforms are easy to use and the support teams are very strong.”

Speed to useful information is the key gain. Both platforms are easy to use and the support teams are very strong.

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