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From Paper to Proficiency: How Acceptance Insurance Modernized Their Hiring Process

From Paper To Proficiency: How Acceptance Insurance Modernized Their Hiring Process

Automated Hiring Solutions Improve Turnover, Time to Hire, and Quality of Hire

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About Acceptance Insurance

Acceptance Insurance is a leading provider of personal auto insurance and other related products. Acceptance is a licensed insurer in 25 states and operates 350 retail locations, as well as a call center staffed with employee-agents.

“We were never true believers in predictive analytics… until now. You get what you put in, and the results are impressive.”

-Clay Stallings, VP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Acceptance Insurance

ROI Summary

Acceptance began using OutMatch solutions in 2013 to add efficiency and predictability to their hiring process.

Skills & Personality Assessments

Candidates assessed to date: 43,000

  • 30% screen-out of candidates who lack key traits and skills
  • 260% improvement in pass rate for state licensing exams
  • 160% improvement in 90-day retention

Automated Reference Checking

Reference checks completed to date: 8,500

  • 10 day improvement in time to hire
  • 6,500 new candidates sourced from references

Hiring Challenges

Acceptance targeted three key areas in the hiring process that needed improvement:

  • Outdated paper assessments
  • Time-consuming reference checks
  • High fail rate among new hires

The processes in place for assessing candidates and checking references required recruiters to do all the early and late stage screening work manually. As a result, positions typically remained open for 40 days or more.

After positions were filled, 70% of new hires were failing the state licensing exam required for employment. At $300-$400 per exam, Acceptance was losing $175,000 each year on employees who couldn’t continue in the role.

“The time saved was phenomenal. Our recruiters were spending 90-120 minutes per day identifying potential candidates, then that number dropped to zero. When you calculate time saved over the course of a week, it adds up to a full 8-hour work day.”

-Clay Stallings, VP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Acceptance Insurance


  • Time to hire: 40 days to 30 days
  • Exam fail rate: 70% to 20%
  • 90-day turnover: 50% to 20%

Automating the Process

Assessments. Acceptance replaced the existing paper assessment with an online assessment that targets key traits and skills necessary for success in the insurance industry.

Reference Checking. They also replaced phone and email based reference checking with automated reference checking, which enables references to provide feedback online in under two minutes.

Integration. Acceptance integrated both solutions with their applicant tracking system (ATS) to provide a seamless experience for candidates, as well as comprehensive reporting for recruiters and hiring managers.

Adding Efficiency & Predictability

By automating two key areas of the hiring process (assessments and reference checking), and integrating these solutions with the ATS, Acceptance significantly reduced the workload for recruiters. Improved efficiency saves each recruiter eight hours per week, and reduces overall time to hire by 10 days.

In addition to time savings, these solutions also deliver higher quality candidates—candidates who are more likely to pass the state licensing exam and succeed in the role. By screening out candidates who lack key traits and skills, Acceptance has achieved a pass rate and a retention rate of 80%.

About OutMatch

OutMatch delivers the data that’s been missing from your hiring process. With clear, measurable insight into candidates and new hires, your managers will make better hiring decisions, and your HR organization will finally be able to measure the impact of hiring on your company.

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