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Improved Succession Planning and Hi-Po Development Boosts NPS by 10%

International hotel chain improves manager performance company-wide, which leads to a 10% improvement in net promoter score.

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With the goal of improving guest experience, this large hotel chain needed to implement a scalable succession planning and leadership development program for hotel managers.

See how this same hotel chain reduced front desk turnover by 17%.

Company Quick Facts

  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Number of locations: 800
  • Number of employees: 9,000
  • Solution: OutMatch Bench Strength Analysis

Net Promoter Score: Before & After

  • Before OutMatch: 39.99
  • After OutMatch: 44.25

An increase of 10% in NPS correlates, on average, with an increase of 1.5% in revenue, according to London School of Economics.

Challenge: Visibility into Leadership Strength

To remain competitive in the dense hospitality market, this company launched an initiative to improve guest experience. They needed the initiative to be carried out across their 800+ locations, but had limited visibility into the strengths and gaps of the general manager population. Furthermore, they needed objective data to determine which managers would be most successful in championing this change and raising the bar on guest experience.

Solution: OutMatch Bench Strength Analysis

The company knew that to improve guest experience, they first needed to assess their current talent—that is, hotel managers who are responsible for delivering on guest experience.

Which managers would be best equipped to handle the shift in responsibilities and guest experience standards?

That’s what the company partnered with OutMatch to find out. OutMatch delivered a Bench Strength Analysis, which included individual and group analytics on leadership competencies that are critical to this company’s business strategy. OutMatch also provided a targeted list of high potentials, along with strategies for developing these individuals and preparing them for next-level roles. These deliverables provide much-needed insight to guide the company’s talent review, succession planning, and leadership development processes.

Result: Leadership Performance Drives NPS

The company now has an efficient and scalable way to assess leadership potential across the manager population, as well as a strategy for developing high potentials and improving overall leadership performance. Just one year after the Bench Strength Analysis, the company saw improved performance in all key leadership areas, including Hospitality Heart, Driving Results, Building an Engaged Team, and more (see full case study). This improvement had a direct impact on the company’s Net Promoter Score, which has shown to correlate with an increase in revenue, according to London School of Economics.