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Improved Hiring Reduces Turnover by 17% in Hotel Front-Desk Role

Improved Hiring Reduces Turnover By 17% In Hotel Front-Desk Role

OutMatch Assessments Identify Key Hospitality Traits and Candidates with Potential for Long-Term Success

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A strategic initiative around guest experience led this popular hotel chain, with more than 800 domestic and international locations, to raise their standards of quality for the front desk staff.

Company Quick Facts

  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Number of locations: 800
  • Number of employees: 9,000
  • Solution: OutMatch Assessment

Turnover Summary: Before & After

Front Desk Turnover:

  • Before OutMatch: 59%
  • After OutMatch: 49%

Problem: Delivering on the Guest Experience Promise

Front desk employees are the face of the organization and their interactions with guests directly impact the overall experience of the hotel. However, when it came to hiring for these important positions, the company was relying on interviews alone to judge candidate quality—which often resulted in poor employee fit and high turnover. They needed a more reliable process for hiring employees who would thrive in the role and consistently deliver on the guest experience promise.

Solution: Assessment Predicts Employee Success

Knowing that employees with a natural ability for guest service are more likely to deliver positive experiences and drive return visits, the company partnered with OutMatch to target customer-centric candidates in their applicant pool.

OutMatch created a tailored assessment for the front desk role based on factors that predicted success at this hotel, and the company began using it to identify candidates as strong or poor matches for the job.

Result: 17% Reduction in Turnover

In the first nine months of using the assessment, the company hired 1,343 employees from a pool of 2,612 applicants. And the impact was clear: strong matches (those recommended by the assessment) were more likely to exhibit key hospitality traits and less likely to turn over in the front desk role. After just nine months, turnover had dropped from 59% to 49%, and strong matches were scoring 11% higher on performance ratings in key areas including customer service, initiative, and work pace.

After one year, the company found that the assessment had prevented 134 terminations and saved $469,000 in turnover costs.

Seeing the significant boost in quality and retention across the front desk staff, the company soon expanded the use of assessments to other roles in the organization, including management and housekeeping.

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