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Leadership Development Drives a Digital Transformation in Banking

Leadership Development Drives
a Digital Transformation in Banking

One of Canada’s largest international banks deployed a technology-driven leadership development program to pave the way to a digital future. See how talent analytics and targeted development powered the transformation of 171 leaders.

About the company

Founded nearly a century ago, this bank has grown into a leading financial services provider, serving more than 25 million customers around the world.


Financial Services

Number of employees:



OutMatch Leadership Assessment & Simulation


Despite being one of the oldest banks in North America, this company is leading the digital transformation in banking through its commitment to ‘Never stop innovating for customers.’ But, this transformation didn’t happen overnight. It began with an intentional and strategic shift in the company’s leadership.

The company needed a program to develop high-performing VPs, SVPs, and EVPs in alignment with the strategic direction of the business. 


The company partnered with OutMatch to design and deliver a globally-deployed, technology-driven leadership development program. Each piece of technology – which included behavioral and cognitive assessments, 360-feedback surveys, and leadership simulations – was vetted to ensure alignment with the company’s key leadership competencies and future vision.

The use of analytics and technology was important, as it aligned with what the company was trying to achieve: a digital-first mindset.

Leadership program overview


Over five years of leadership development, the company assessed 171 leaders and gathered feedback from 2,733 360-survey raters. Throughout the program, the company received individual and group analytics showing how leaders are hard-wired, how well they demonstrate required competencies, and how prepared they are to drive the company’s digital transformation. These analytics were used in over 800 coaching sessions to best position leaders for success.

With action items to leverage strengths and close developmental gaps, the company’s leadership soon became a united front in pursuit of a digital future.

I observed the transformation first hand. Initial skepticism regarding the program evolved into enthusiasm as the analytics and coaching become a catalyst for meaningful development. Participants are now taking part in an abbreviated assessment and coaching session to reinforce progress and continue their development journey.

Stephanie Butler, PhD, Executive Coach