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Lenovo Saves Over 500 Recruiter Hours in One Year with Video Interviewing

Lenovo Saves Over 500 Recruiter Hours in One Year with Video Interviewing

After acquisitions including Motorola Mobility, Marvell Semiconductor, and Fujitsu, this Fortune Global 500 company needed to accelerate recruitment to continue driving business growth. See how video interviewing solved the challenge of increased hiring demand.

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Lenovo was founded over three decades ago by a team of eleven engineers. Today, Lenovo is a global leader, providing innovative consumer, commercial, and data center technology to hundreds of millions of customer in 160 countries. 


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Wepow Video Interviewing


Starting in 2014, Lenovo was experiencing rapid growth thanks to acquisitions of Motorola Mobility, Marvell Semiconductor, and Fujitsu. They were also focused on organic growth, which meant they needed to expand the sales team.

With more positions to fill, recruiters quickly realized that their screening and interview processes weren’t efficient enough to meet increased demand.  


Lenovo launched Wepow video interviewing to support hiring for sales roles. Video interviewing immediately expanded Lenovo’s recruitment reach, allowing them to consider more candidates in less time.

Seeing an impressive increase in efficiency, the recruiting team scaled the solution to meet the needs of their university and internship initiatives as well. 

Video interviewing now serves as the initial screen for thousands of the company’s candidates each year.

Wepow is able to act as an extension of us to facilitate a lot of the process and add an really strong brand message.

Chris Helton, University Recruiting Specialist


Previously, recruiters would spend 30-40 minutes scheduling and conducting each interview. With Wepow, scheduling is fully automated and interview time has dropped to 12 minutes.

Over a year, this has saved the company over 500 hours in interview time. 

Video interviewing has also helped improve brand messaging, leading to a 20% increase in response rate for interview requests and nearly a 90% completion ratio.

Thanks to increased efficiency, plus higher engagement from candidates, Lenovo is well positioned to compete for top talent in an era of rapid growth.