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Linium Eliminates Employee Replacement Costs

Automated Reference Checking Helps Recruiters Avoid the Costs Associated with Bad Hires

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About Linium

Linium is a globally recognized firm specializing in consulting, recruiting, and managed services. Linium works closely with clients to solve today’s most pressing operational challenges—whether it’s streamlining how business services are delivered across the enterprise, acquiring top talent, or enabling financial transparency with accurate plans and forecasts.

“Automated reference checking not only tells us how a candidate performed in the previous role, but it’s also predictive of how they’ll perform in the next role.”

-Amy Stringer, Operations & Recruitment Manager at Linium

ROI Summary

Linium began using automated reference checking in 2014 to improve quality of hire for their clients.

Zero Staffing Replacements

  • Replacement rate before OutMatch: 3%
  • Replacement rate since OutMatch: 0%
  • Reference checks via OutMatch: 1,000
  • Potential bad hires avoided: 30
  • Average time spent per replacement: 60 days
  • Total time spent replacing employees: 0 days

Improved Quality of Hire

  • Candidates with low reference check scores (removed from consideration): 120
  • Candidates with mid/high reference check scores (considered for clients): 880

 Replacement Guarantee for New Hires

As part of their recruiting services, Linium provides a 90-day replacement guarantee for every employee they place with a client company. If an employee is terminated within the first 90 days, Linium will replace the employee free of charge. A typical replacement takes at least 60 days to fill, so matching clients with quality candidates is extremely important—not only to Linium’s brand reputation, but also because each replacement increases Linium’s recruiting costs.

“We were skeptical at first, but as soon as we tried it, we loved it. Automated reference checking is an amazing tool that allows us to be objective, and it can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.”

-Amy Stringer, Operations & Recruitment Manager at Linium


  • Each candidate invites 4-5 references
  • References can complete in under 2 min.
  • 98% of references complete within 24 hrs.


  • 3% improvement in replacement rate
  • 30 potential bad hires avoided
  • $0 in replacement costs

Using Reference Checking for Employee Placement

As a recruiting firm, Linium wanted to gain a competitive edge by improving quality of hire for their clients. Reference checking was standard practice, but the process was slow, inconsistent, and didn’t provide a differentiating level of insight. They chose OutMatch reference checking because it’s automated, easy to use, and provides clear insight into the quality of each candidate.

Recruiters use reference check scores and summary reports to determine which candidates should be recommended for hire, and they can easily share this insight with clients.

low scores

mid scores

high scores

An example of the scoring guide used by Linium to classify candidates. This at-a-glance look helps determine who to recommend for hire and who to remove from consideration.

Saving Time & Eliminating Replacement Costs

Since implementing automated reference checking, Linium has achieved 100% success in employee placement—meaning they haven’t had to replace any new hires at their client companies. By identifying quality candidates and removing potential bad hires, Linium has eliminated replacements costs, saved recruiting time, and earned even greater trust among clients as an expert in recruiting services.

About OutMatch

OutMatch delivers the data that’s been missing from your hiring process. With clear, measurable insight into candidates and new hires, your managers will make better hiring decisions, and your HR organization will finally be able to measure the impact of hiring on your company.

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