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MSX International Reduces Time to Hire by 20% with Video Interviewing

MSX International Improves Time to Hire by 20% with Video Interviewing

Rapid global expansion led this business process outsourcing company to transform their high volume recruitment model. See how video interviewing was key in the roll out of their new digital strategy.

Results of a video-powered recruitment process

About the company

MSX International is a BPO company that provides technology-based services in more than 80 countries. Together with the Sewells Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary, MSX is the world’s largest provider of retail solutions to automotive OEM’s and their dealers.



Number of employees:



Wepow Video Interviewing


MSX is known for their passionate pursuit of outstanding results and their ability to bring innovative solutions to customers. In 2017, they were in need of an innovative solution themselves.

To fuel rapid global expansion with 900 hires per year, MSX needed a high volume recruitment strategy that was digital and scalable. 


The MSX Spain team launched Wepow video interviewing for recruitment across the business, which included warranty, technical, dealer, and training solutions, as well as call center roles.

Technical assessments, which used to be given in real time by hiring managers, are now a part of the pre-recorded interview process. 

We found the solution to our high volume recruitment challenges through Wepow.

Jose Maria Alcantara, HR Manager


Using Wepow, MSX improved time-to-hire by 20%, which enables them to fill time-sensitive job recs 2 days faster than they could before. Wepow also improved the company’s interview-to-hire ratio.

Thanks to more effective screening, 1 out of every 2 candidates who come for an in-person interview is hired – a 50% time savings for recruiters and hiring managers.