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RMS Hires Specialized Talent Faster and More Effectively with Video Interviewing

RMS Hires Specialized Talent Faster & More Effectively with Video Interviewing 

As the world’s leader in catastrophe risk modeling, RMS recruits highly specialized talent, such as volcanologists, hurricane experts, and wind engineers. See how video interviewing helped scale and accelerate hiring for these roles.

About the company

Risk Management Solutions (RMS) explores the unthinkable, enabling the risk management of even the most extreme events. From earthquarkes, hurricanes, and floods to terrorism and pandemics, RMS helps financial institutions and public agencies better understand and manage risk.


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Wepow Video Interviewing


Because RMS is a specialized business, they recruit specialists with advanced risk modeling skills and expertise in niche areas, like epidemiology and meteorology. Universities are a great source of specialized talent, but none of the schools in the U.S. have programs large enough to make traditional ‘on-the-road’ recruiting possible.

To fill these hard-to-fill roles, recruiting teams must be able to connect with qualified candidates quickly, anywhere in the world.


When RMS launched Wepow video interviewing, they were able to do campus recruiting remotely.

Pre-recorded interviews give candidates the chance to introduce themselves and tell their stories, while live interviews allow managers to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving skills in real time – all without any travel expenses.

With Wepow, it’s much easier to make decisions on who moves forward, plus this platform enables candidates to share more info about their academic backgrounds, research, and motivation for why they are applying to our company. Wepow provides much more insight than just a resume and cover letter.”

University Relations & Talent Acquisition Manager


RMS is a global organization, and they now have the technology they need to recruit on a global scale. Thanks to video interviewing, recruiting teams can quickly connect with new grads and talented professionals, regardless of location, and fill specialized roles faster than ever before.

Since launching Wepow, screening time has been reduced by 70%, according to the the company’s University Relations & Talent Acquisition Manager.

Wepow makes it easy for us and easy for candidates. That goes a long way, as the people we don’t hire can end up as clients. That’s one of the big reasons we’re so focused on delivering a positive candidate experience.”

Senior Director of Talent Acquistion & HR Operations