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Sales Organization Boosts Performance by 35%

Sales Organization Boosts Performance By 35%

OutMatch Assessments Recommend Candidates Who Drive Higher Sales Performance Metrics

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A fast-growing, California-based energy company faced two major challenges in the way of achieving their aggressive growth targets: poor-quality hires and high turnover in sales roles.

Company Quick Facts

  • Industry: Energy
  • Number of locations: 85
  • Number of employees: 12,000
  • Solution: OutMatch Assessments

ROI Summary: Sales Performance

Scoring based on sales performance metrics:

  • Poor Matches: 45: 20% below average
  • Strong Matches: 61: 9% above average

Strong matches outperform poor matches by 35%

Problem: Poor Quality Hires & High Turnover

The company was hiring and investing in new salespeople without knowing which candidates
were most likely to hit sales goals, or which candidates were most likely to stay long enough
to contribute.

The company needed a way to standardize hiring for entry level call-center positions, as well as
more advanced field sales positions, so they could build a high-powered sales organization.

Solution: Assessments Identify Top Performers

Rather than continue to gamble on hires, the company began using OutMatch assessments to separate strong matches from poor matches in their applicant pool.

The company found that 22% of candidates were not a good match for their organization. With this insight, they were able to avoid poor matches and add more top-performers to the sales team.

Result: 35% Improvement in Sales Performance

After implementing the assessment, OutMatch conducted an ROI study and found that within
just 8 months, strong matches (salespeople recommended by the assessment) were outperforming poor matches (salespeople not recommended by the assessment) by 35%, based on sales performance metrics.

By continuing to hire strong matches for the 435 sales positions they fill in a typical year, the company will raise the bar on sales performance and drive revenue to fuel rapid business growth.

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