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World Leading Call Center Boosts Diversity Hiring by Nearly 2X

World Leading Call Center Boosts Diversity Hiring by Nearly 2X

After implementing an assessment, the company was happy to see quality of hire improvements in their high-turnover call center roles. They didn’t expect the solution to also impact D&I, an added benefit that made the assessment even more valuable.

About the company

This BPO provides customer engagement services to some of the biggest retail, financial services, healthcare, and tech brands in the world. The company’s mission is to create trust between brands and their customer bases, and they firmly believe that everyone and every interaction matters.  



Number of employees:



OutMatch Assessment


At this company, customer service isn’t a part of the business. It’s the entire business. The company relies on call center agents around the world to deliver exceptional service to their clients’ customers.

Hiring the right people for a call center – people who will stick with it and be successful – is a challenge. To ensure quality, the VP of HR set out to standardize the company’s recruitment efforts, starting with an assessment.  


OutMatch Assessment provides a match score and other hiring intelligence, making it easy see which candidates are likely to perform well in the role. The company began assessing candidates immediately, then worked with OutMatch to create a custom hiring profile for call center agents that reflects their culture and success metrics.

Not only did the assessment address turnover and performance issues, it proved to be an invaluable tool for combating unconscious bias.


One year and over 6,000 hires later, the company saw an increase in diversity across call center workers, most notably in the African American population.

Before OutMatch, 20% of hires were African American. After a year of using the assessment, African American hires increased to 35%.

The company saw similar results looking at non-white hires overall. Before OutMatch 41% of hires were non-white. Now, 51% of hires are non-white.

Additional findings

The company is also seeing a healthy and diverse recruitment funnel.

Comparing demographic ratios shows that non-white and female populations are applying and being hired at equal rates, which is a diversity best practice.

  • 53% of applicants are non-white and 51% of hires are non-white.
  • 67% of applicants are female and 68% of hires are women.

While some employers worry that using an assessment will create a homogeneous workforce, the opposite is actually true. OutMatch improves diversity by helping hiring teams ignore factors that aren’t related to job success, like race and gender. Our assessments provide an unbiased, apples-to-apples look at each candidate’s career potential, which helps women and minorities get further in the process where they can prove themselves and earn jobs based on merit.