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RecruitingDaily Special Edition: Oh the Humanity w/ William Tincup, Greg Moran, and Imo Udom

In this episode from RecrutingDaily’s podcast, William Tincup speaks with OutMatch’s own Greg Moran and Imo Udom about finding balance between people and tech. Together, these HR tech pros tackle the biggest questions facing our industry today:

  • What’s the ultimate goal of automation in HR?
  • Is AI positioned to replace human evaluation in hiring?
  • How will job candidates respond to more tech in the hiring process?

While organizations are focused using tech to collect data on candidates, Greg reminds us it’s equally important that candidates get their basic questions answered: Is this a place where I can succeed? Is this a place where I can find a home? Are these my people? That’s what organizations need to be able to answer – on a human level – before putting candidates through the ringer of technology.

It may seem impossible to forge human connections when you’re hiring 5,000 people per year, but William echos Greg’s sentiment by saying that high volume hiring is no excuse to not be human. “It’s been a cop-out for years,” he says, “but you can still be thoughtful. You can still create memories.”

The beauty of technology is that it doesn’t have to replace human interaction. By automating the manual, repetitive tasks, it actually creates more space for human interaction. Imo explains that that’s the best outcome of HR tech.

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