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Hire like a Best-In-Class company, and other tips from the Aberdeen Group

Hire Like A Best-In-Class Company, And Other Tips From The Aberdeen Group

More than 2/3 of top companies use pre-hire assessments.

See how this trend is transforming talent acquisition, thanks to a new Aberdeen report.

Best-In-Class companies are top performers, and experts in talent acquisition. They outperform competitors in the market because they hire the right people—the most suitable, most skilled, and most culturally appropriate for their company.

Which makes sense.

“Hiring is one of the most important aspect that leads to the success or failure of any business,” the report says.

Think about that. You might have an ingenious new business model, or an exceptional product, but your entire operation is in the hands of the people you hire. When you cut corners, you limit your growth. You settle for less. When you hire the right people, you give your company best potential for success.

So what does it take to get it right?

You have to be savvy about talent acquisition, and approach it as you would any business venture: define success and be purposeful in your plan of action.

For 71% of Best-In-Class companies, pre-hire assessments are a fundamental part of the hiring strategy. With the help of pre-hire assessments, these companies have boosted employee retention, satisfaction, and engagement—significantly. Enough to report “incredible return on investment.”

Our clients say the same thing. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how pre-hire assessments naturally translate into lower cost, lower turnover, and higher profit per employee.

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