Before coronavirus, businesses were leaning toward transformation, but most weren’t ready to embrace the disruptive thinking required to reimagine how work is done, how work is managed, and how HR is structured. Now, the transformation timeline has been condensed, and leaders are being challenged to “reimagine their way out of crisis.” In this webinar, we talk with the Chief Innovations Officer from HERE technologies and the Chief Solutions Officer from Outmatch about the future of HR, assessing your company’s readiness for change, and managing the talent supply chain.

Watch the 3-min recap here: Where to Focus 1st As Leaders Reimagine Work

Top takeaways from the webinar:

1. If you’re on the fence, thinking “I’m somewhat ready and open to change,” now is the time to address your workforce strategy and grab that chance to catapult forward. (12:30) 

2. You can look at the talent market like the stock market. With stocks, you want to “buy low.” With potential candidates, especially those who might not have considered your organization before, you want to “nurture now.” (16:00) 

3. Employees, like consumers, want digital experiences customized to them with solutions to their needs delivered in real time. Especially as people work from home and see each other in their “natural habitat,” digital experiences can be more real and more human than ever. (22:00) 

4. We’re heading towards the “next future,” where work is democratized, performance management is crowdsourced, the org. structure is flatter, decisionmaking is distributed, and employees have choices and ownership of “Me Inc.” 

5. We don’t all have the brand, like Google or Apple, to carry us in the market. Being poised for the future of work and offering employees the opportunity to “choose their own adventure is attractive – and not just for Millennials(31:00) 

6. We grew up in a world where there was one blue ribbon, and we all had to fight for it. That’s the mindset that’s caused corporatAmerica to hoard vs. share talent. The abundance mindset shifts from “fear of running out” to seeing and tapping talent across an enterprise. (55:00)