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Talent Solutions Team
Your Partners in Building an Industry-Leading Talent Strategy

Whether you’re using a standard job assessment or a solution tailored to your specific organization, we’re here to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

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When you become an OutMatch customer, our team of Ph.D.’s and Masters of I/O Psychology set you up for long-term success by delivering expert guidance from day one—and we’ll continue as a dedicated partner in building and supporting your industry-leading talent strategy.

We can provide job analysis, industry benchmarks, ROI research, and best practice guidance, as well as strategic services to support your hiring and development goals. Bottom line: our job is to help you achieve meaningful business results.

Meet the Team

Carol A. Jenkins, Ph.D.
Chief Analytics Officer
Chelsea Charron
Chelsea Petrie, M.S.
Senior Talent Solutions Expert
Courtney Gear, M.A.
Senior Talent Solutions Expert
Karina Freitag, Ph.D.
Senior Talent Solutions Expert
Nikki Cunningham
Nikki Cunningham, M.S.
Senior Talent Solutions Expert
Olivia Salas
Olivia Salas, M.A.
Senior Director of Implementations
Sarah Glass, M.A.
Vice President, Talent Solutions
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