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The next in a series of questions to ask about any solution you’re considering for pre-employment testing at your company…

3. What’s the impact on the candidate?

In some cases it’s appropriate to put candidates through a lengthy test. Senior executives, law enforcement candidates and actuaries are examples of people who should be tested thoroughly.

What you don’t want to do is aggravate good candidates for retail or entry-level jobs by giving them a 30-minute assessment. That’s why it’s important to balance the complexity of the tool against the positions your company needs to fill.

Some companies make the mistake of taking an assessment that’s working in one area of the company and expanding it throughout in an attempt to handle all departments’ needs. But if you hire for a range of positions requiring a wide variety of skills, characteristics and behaviors, standardizing with one tool is not the best approach.

Good rules of thumb on assessment length are 5- to 10-minutes for hourly workers and a max of 20 minutes for professional-level candidates.

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