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Should I Customize The Assessment?
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To answer that question, you have to consider the “uniqueness” factor. It’s natural to think the role you’re hiring for is unique, especially if you’ve done the work to connect the job description to your company’s unique culture and values. (And that’s important because you want to differentiate your employment brand and attract the right type of talent to your door!)

You have to take a hard look at what the job requires, specifically the competencies that lead to success. If you’re hiring for a well-known job that exists across many companies, like a call center agent, you can probably use a standard competency model, or success profile, to predict who will preform well in that role. If you’re hiring for a truly unique or specialized role, like a Disney Imagineer, then you might need a success profile that’s tailored to specific needs of that position.

At OutMatch, we’ve compiled a job success profile library that scales across 900 jobs. Using a standard profile, you can leverage our data from similar companies within your industry and use it to predict success for new hires in your organization. These standard profiles have been validated using job task and work environment data specific to the industry and the role. For jobs that are more unique, the success profiles can be tailored to fit your unique culture and performance expectations.

Here’s an example: say you’re hiring hourly employees for a restaurant. Based on our research and experience with clients, we know what makes people successful in a typical front or back of house role. The standard success profile will include attributes like sociability, resilience, and multitasking. But if your particular restaurant is focused on promotions and upselling, the ability to influence guests might be more important for bottom line performance. In that case, the success profile can be tailored so that this attribute is weighted more heavily in the assessment.

Tailoring the success profile in this way will maximize the assessment’s ability to predict success, and doesn’t require you to build a custom assessment, which can be expensive and hard to scale. So don’t worry about reinventing the wheel. Whether you’re looking for off-the-shelf assessments or tailored options, we’re here to help you hire the very best!

This post is part of our FAQs series, where you can learn about the inner-workings of our assessments, as well as best practices to help improve your hiring process.

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