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Sound Science: Hiring The Right Talent Using Pre-Employment Assessments

Stronger science produces better results.

Organizations that want to create a competitive advantage by selecting the right talent are including pre-employment assessments in their hiring process.

The Aberdeen Group found that 70% of 500 organizations surveyed used assessments to improve the quality of their hiring decisions. Adding that “Best in Class” companies placed greater value on assessment data as a part of the hiring decision in an integrated selection process. This is a promising trend.

While online assessments have made the delivery and scoring process much more efficient and consumer-friendly, they have also created a dilemma for the people who need to decide which assessment to use. This begs the question, “How do you decide which assessments and assessment providers are best for your needs?”

You can objectively evaluate assessments and assessment providers by analyzing these five critical criteria that support and enhance the science underlying assessments.


The assessment program is vital to a successful selection system. Implemented after the realistic job preview and the pre-screen, assessments provide insight into the candidates’ personality.

  1. Job Relatedness – A clear understanding of the jobs within your organization’s culture provides a strong foundation on which to properly align the assessment(s).
  2. Criterion Validation – The most meaningful and impactful way to customize an assessment is by conducting a validation study proving that assessment scores reliably differentiate between top performers and bottom performers.
  3. Documentation – Technical documentation provides evidence of legal defensibility and enables ongoing improvement and validation.
  4. Training and Implementation – Properly training your hiring managers to use the ensures that the science behind assessments leads to the proper results.
  5. Tracking, Measurement, & Return on Investment – The right partner helps you define the best business metrics and helps analyze the return on investment.

You should choose assessments that are based on solid science.

With the wide array of options available, you need clear-cut criteria to select the best assessment program to ensure quality talent selection.

You can make an informed decision on the type of assessment program that is best for you by applying the criteria above and detailed in our article “Assessments Based on Sound Science: Five Critical Criteria.”

Assessments that meet these five criteria for development and implementation achieve the best results for your business.

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