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George Ehinger

VP of Channel Sales

George Ehinger is an accomplished sales and marketing professional with more than 25 years in leadership positions in high-growth companies. During the boom and bust cycle of Web 1.0, he served as Senior Vice President of the San Francisco-based cable television channel TechTV, formerly ZDTV. Previously, Ehinger was Vice President of Scholastic, Inc. where he led the turnaround efforts of a fledgling magazine, Home Office Computing, into the highly profitable Scholastic SOHO Group. He began his career with MCI Telecommunications. During his eight-year tenure, the company grew from $500 million in sales to more than $5 billion. He is also the founder of Beam Reach, Inc., a firm that provides angel investment and business advisory services to early-stage companies. Portfolio companies include Revision3 — the first TV Network exclusively distributed on the internet; Logical Images — an image based diagnostic tool for the health care industry; and Skyworks — a leading game developer for the iPad/iPhone.