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Joni Thomas Doolin

Joni is the CEO and founder of TDn2K and People Report. TDn2K (Transforming Data into Knowledge) is a leading software and solution provider for the foodservice industry. People Report is the foremost provider of human capital metrics providing benchmarked data on compensation, turnover and diversity. Focused on best in class performance from national to market level, TDn2K currently tracks, analyzes and benchmarks an unmatched database, providing real time insight into the collective work practices and revenue performance of over 1,800,000 employees, $64 billion in annual revenues and 36,000 restaurants.

Since founding People Report, Joni has established a clear mission of helping member companies “balance people, profits and purpose”. Her work to help business leaders recharge and reinvent themselves and their organizations is most evident in the two conferences produced annually by TDn2K.

The Global Best Practices Conference is widely known as the gold standard in executive-level networking and a showcase for best in class employers achieving best in class marketplace performance. Its social business summit, Summer Brand Camp, breaks all of the traditional conference rules, uniting the next generation of leadership to connect employer and consumer brands in a digital and transparent world. Both conferences include community service, another hallmark of Joni’s passion for giving back.

Joni’s extensive industry and community involvement is rooted in her values of conscious capitalism, creative thinking and mentorship to emerging and future leaders. Joni and her husband Wallace Doolin have funded an annual scholarship for women and minorities through the National Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation as a commitment to their beliefs.

Joni currently serves on the board of TDn2K, BBIMetrics, LLC, the national board of directors for Share Our Strength, the national board of Coaches Collective International, and is a founding member of Changers of Commerce.

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