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Unfortunately, you can’t fix what you can’t measure. Human resources departments have always had challenges while measuring talent acquisition. However, we at OutMatch are able to help you find new hires that are a fit for the job, and can benefit your business.

To measure talent acquisition, OutMatch integrates a candidate’s pre-employment assessment test, interview, references, and employee development, all into one review, so we can help determine who the best candidate will be for your company’s open position. With this integration, we are now able to:

  • Measure: Using automated surveys from the manager, and the candidate, to measure how well they fit in with the job, company, and culture. This will help gather feedback that you can now analyze.
  • Analyze: You are able to determine who the best candidate is, who the best recruiter was, what are the top sources of new hires, and your company’s ROI. You are also given a dashboard that can allow you to understand how everything is measured, so you can be sure to choose the best candidate.
  • Impact: After analyzing, you are able to understand where you were successful, and where you need to make the necessary changes, to ensure you will be successful in the future.

With OutMatch’s talent acquisition tools, your company’s confident hiring decisions will begin with us. ChequedImpactempowers your talent acquisition team by providing an accurate analysis of the success of your hiring process. We can tell you where your team is already successful, and where your team may have room for improvement.

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If you are interested in acquiring less employee turnover, better employees that are fit for the job, and a more successful company, try a demo of OutMatch today.

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