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Talent decision platform

We simplify recruitment by combining 7 solutions in one

Volume hiring, especially in a global market, is about speed, efficiency, and scalability, none of which are built into the traditional hiring process. Bolt-ons can help, but the more bolt-ons you have, the more complex your ecosystem becomes. With OutMatch, you get the recruitment experience you want – and the results you need – in one solution.

One solution improves the entire experience

Our candidate-driven platform solves modern recruitment’s biggest challenges (challenges that legacy systems haven’t solved yet).

End-to-end automation

While point solutions have automated pieces of recruitment, meaningful gains can only come from an end-to-end solution. Our platform automates everything from application to interview. Candidates move from one step to the next without waiting, and recruiters are able to focus on higher value activities, like sourcing and building relationships with top talent.

Decisions driven by data and AI

Automation alone delivers results faster. Automation with intelligence delivers better results faster. That’s why our platform is designed to collect data, learn from data, optimize decision making, then deliver insights back to employers and candidates. This paves the way for continuous improvement, guards against bias, and frees humans to do what they do best.

Consumer-grade experience 

The modern workforce demands and deserves a consumer-grade experience. Compared to how quick and easy it is to order a ride or apply for a loan, traditional recruitment is painfully outdated. Rather than being a series of processes, we shape recruitment into a cohesive experience that’s convenient, engaging, and inducts candidates into a company’s culture.

Flexible modules for fast transformation

The modular design of our platform makes it easy to create the ideal candidate experience, without lengthy and expensive changes to your ATS.

Quick Apply

The candidate-driven experience starts with a fully branded, mobile-optimized application that can be tailored to the job and level. This allows you to ask fewer, more relevant questions up front and get qualified candidates into the funnel faster.


After the application, qualified candidates are moved to the screening step, where they answer additional questions related to the job. Questions are fully customizable, allowing you to create different experiences for different job types.


Next comes the assessment. Unlike traditional assessments, ours is easy and engaging with a 97% completion rate. Candidates with the right soft skills and culture fit are moved forward, while data is gathered for personalized interview guides, career paths, and more. Learn more

Video Interview

The best matches from the assessment go immediately to an on-demand video interview, which is the modern version of a phone screen. Video upgrades the experience, capturing motivations and skills while giving candidates a preview of your culture. Learn more

Predict AI

For a fully automated experience, Predict AI can be trained to identify your highest potential candidates from the on-demand video interview. This removes human bias and fast tracks top candidates, who would otherwise be stopped, waiting for review.


Our scheduling tool makes it easy for candidates to self-schedule live interviews without delay. No calendar conflicts, no back and forth about availability, just great candidates ready to have great interviews with your team.

Live Interview

Live video interviews, like all other steps, should be woven into the experience. Our live interviews integrate with video platforms you already use, like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and provide structured review criteria for consistent and confident hiring decisions.

“We used to have to recruit six weeks in advance. Now we can turn a new candidate around in two weeks, and attrition is down from around 20% to below 2%.”

Rebecca McGugan
Head of Resourcing at E.ON UK

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