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Talent Assessment

Discover great talent – inside and outside your organization. See how talent assessments help you hire the right people, drive career growth, and develop future leaders.

Start your journey with the right assessment

What employers need most

Soft skills like creativity, collaboration, and adaptability are in high demand. Use OutMatch Assessment to measure the must-have soft skills your candidates and employees need to succeed.

A path for every person

Discovering your ideal career path – and helping others do the same – is life-changing. If someone isn’t the right fit for a job, OutMatch Assessment helps find the path they’re better suited for.

The data that keeps on giving

Use OutMatch Assessment to fuel interviewing, onboarding, and even your post-hire experiences. Once taken, the assessment arms hiring teams, L&D, and employees with unique insights to up their game.

One seamless experience

Assessments are a powerful plug-in to your existing talent selection and development processes. They provide instant and personalized insight on every candidate and every employee in your organization. Best of all, assessments continue delivering value long after a hiring decision has been made. 

Candidate experience

Taking an assessment shouldn’t be a bore. Our sleek and modern assessment is rated “more engaging” by 9 out of 10 candidates, and it takes only 8 minutes to complete for entry-level roles. It’s so easy, you’ll see a completion rate of ~97%!

Hiring experience

Make life easier for hiring teams by arming them with the data they need to make great decisions quickly. Use job match scores, side-by-side comparisons, and personalized interview guides to select the very best candidate for every job.

Employee experience

Assessments aren’t only for talent teams. They should deliver insights directly to employees! Thanks to tailored, on-demand development plans, your employees will discover their potential and be ready to drive their own career path.

Talent Mobility

If you’re ready to break from cookie-cutter development and deliver meaningful, personalized guidance to every employee, this is your solution! Use assessments to kickstart development, or enhance your existing programs.

Customer spotlight:

Retailer cuts hiring costs in half by promoting internal talent

See how assessments helped this nationwide retail chain hire more promotable talent at the hourly level, leading to a 2X increase in promotions to management – and a savings of $10.5M per year.


Tell me more

If you’d like to see how you can discover and develop great talent using OutMatch Assessment, please schedule a time to talk! We’d love to show you how it works, and see how our technology can help support your people strategy.

More reasons to love OutMatch Assess

Integrate effortlessly with your ATS. We have dozens of standard integrations with top applicant tracking systems.

Save time and create better experiences with auto-progression from OutMatch Assess straight into OutMatch Video.

Stay on the leading edge. Our obsession with innovation means you benefit from free upgrades and enhancements.